Why Massage and do Body Work?

A Massage is extremely powerful. It helps to improve the body’s circulation and also increases blood flow. It improves our range of motion and relaxes our muscles making us feel rejuvenated for our daily activities. By providing an effective massage it stimulates our nervous system and also improves internal organs as well as all of the muscles. Massage therapy is a healing art that includes the treatment of soft tissues, positively affecting and improving our health and well-being. It is beneficial for the mind, body, and soul.
Sunset Body Work Ideal Focus
Every “single” Body is important to Sunset. By maintaining professionalism, understanding the human anatomy, and putting you in the right hands. “Our” Massages help to restore the mind, body, and soul. Sunset will provide serenity in our environments and focus on your bodies needs to help restore the equilibrium of the mind, body, and soul necessary for you to feel wonderful both inside and out for your daily activities. Sunset is available to provide you with the massage you need, when you need it most. Let Sunset help relieve your daily stress and pain by putting you into the right hands “Ours”.


The Sunset Story

People often ask the question, “What makes you so passionate about your job?”

It is no secret that we love what we do. Anyone who knows us knows how much we enjoy giving massages and how devoted we are to our clients.

Our Mission states :“Love the body we massage, and give a massage like the way we would like it done on ourselves!”

When there is LOVE, RESPECT, and UNDERSTANDING of human anatomy and it’s systemic functions, it brings depth beyond just a simple rub-down.When giving massages, we make it very unique and special like no other. We listen to your body and we let it tell us what it needs. Sometimes our massages can take people by surprise because we give the body exactly what it needs without telling. Trust us, there’s no magic in what we do and it’s not by chance or luck, it’s just by experience and deep understanding of body.

One thing became abundantly clear to us: No matter what type of massage you choose to have performed on you, the power of “the touch” is healing. It nourishes and heals the body, and equally as important, it restores the soul.

We love what we do and as a team, we are committed to delivering the best massages and beyond by offering the pampering touch to all our guests.

You will understand the SUNSET love story, in which we love giving massages and you will love getting one!

A Top Massage Place of Minneapolis!

Massage Therapists, Minneapolis

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